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We have very clear procedures in place so that our signing agents will know what is expected of them on each and every signing they do for our company. Thank you for taking the time to read them.

  1. When you accept an assignment from Statewide Document Services, we will send your confirmation to you via e-mail. Your confirmation will contain the borrowers' information, closing location, confirmation of fee, how documents will be delivered, and instructions particular to that assignment.

  2. Fees are agreed upon when you accept an assignment and they will not be increased unless the closing location changes and the travel distance are greatly increased. We pay $50 for any full loan closing where the borrowers refuse to sign, this fee includes the printing of documents and any copying or faxing that was done. We do not pay cancellation fees, but we will reimburse you if you printed documents and the loan cancels before you have made the trip to the closing.

  3. You are required to call the borrower to confirm the appointment time, get directions, and advise them to have a copy of their ID for you at closing. You are not authorized to change the time of the appointment or closing location, you must obtain approval from us before doing this.

  4. If your documents are being emailed, you must confirm receipt of all documents and that you were able to print before leaving for the closing. If you have any problems printing documents you MUST notify us immediately.

  5. You are to explain, witness, and notarize the documents only. Do NOT give advice on anything that concerns the loan terms or loan arrangement. If the borrowers have questions about fees or figures on the loan, you should have a loan officer contact number on your scheduling sheet; or the borrowers can contact their broker or loan officer.

  6. You must call in confirmation of the completed assignment to Statewide Document Services as soon as the loan closes. If the borrowers decide not to sign, you must notify us immediately BEFORE leaving the closing table.

  7. Do not make corrections, modify, or alter the documents in any way without obtaining approval from Statewide Document Services. Some lenders do not allow any strike-through or cross-outs.

  8. Remember that you are representing not only Statewide Document Services, but also the Title Company and Lender. Most of the time you are the first person that the borrower(s) have had personal contact with during their loan process. You are expected to show up to the closing on time, and dressed appropriately in business attire (shorts, jeans, caps, t-shirts, sweats, flip flops, and/or tennis shoes are not acceptable).

  9. After the signing you need to fax in your confirmation of closing sheet that was sent with your scheduling sheet, with copies of the documents listed on that page. We must receive this confirmation by 10am EST the morning following the closing. If you did a non-owner occupied property or a purchase transaction, there will more than likely be additional documents that need to be faxed for funding. Do NOT drop the package until you have confirmed with Statewide Document Services that the funding documents have been received. On regular packages you do not need to wait for approval before dropping your package.

  10. Return the documents to the title company or specified location; information is listed on our confirmation of closing page, using the billing information provided for shipping. The packages must be returned to the title company within 24 hrs of the signing. If your closing took place before 4pm, your package should be received by the title company the very next business day.